EYELUM Selected Works - 2017

This is a collection of selections from videos I worked on between 2016-2017 of both professional and personal works.

Visit MOCO Tourism Video

I created this video while working for Marstudio, Inc. We were contacted by Visit Montgomery, the official Conference and Visitors Bureau of Montgomery County, MD. I filmed the entire video myself, with the exception of 2 pieces of stock footage and 2 clips of the sunflowers as they were past peak season when I was contracted to create the video. I did all of the post-production on the video as well as found the band whose song we eventually used in the video (they also make a cameo).


Joseph & the Beasts - "Tremors"

I worked with the band Joseph and the Beasts who are from Baltimore, MD as they wanted a crazy video for one of their new songs. I did not want to disappoint. I created the concept and costume (working with a designer in California to actually create it) for this video as well as filmed everything and did all of the post-production.

Nelly's Echo - Let It Be [Official Music Video]

I created this video for Nelly's Echo, a band out of Baltimore whose singer was a contestant on the Voice. It was a lot of fun and one of my first video shoots using a drone in a urban environment.

SYBLING - "Tepid" music video

This was the first music video that I shot. It was also my first attempt using a drone in any of my projects.

Rusty + Joe

This was a short documentary I did on friends I had known for years who help organize and run the Small Press Expo every year in Bethesda, MD. 

RouteSetting with the Staff of Earth Treks Rockville

I created this video for Earth Treks Climbing + Fitness as a short documentary on the daily work of the Routsetters that work at the gym. 

CREATING Our Workspace

This was a video that I created for Marstudio as they were transitioning from a temporary workspace into their new office. This was a fun project that took many months to complete due to actually documenting the construction process. The time lapse footage gathering alone could have been a full time job.

Marstudio Marketing Minute EP#1: Book Cover Design

This was a concept piece I created for my boss at Marstudio. He wanted to have a video template designed that would be easy to update with new concepts as jobs came about that he wanted to talk about.

Marstudio Mannequin Challenge

This was a fun piece I created for my bosses at Marstudio. We wanted to up the challenge of the Mannequin Challenge a bit so we got the whole studio involved. This is all one take with some minor editing to speed up and slow down time for better viewing : )